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I too was a student in Monday night Bible Study at New Psalmist and in Columbia on Tamar Drive.I would travel on Mondays from Harford County were I reside to Columbia. I really miss you guys. It's nice to know you are doing well. Your website looks great. May God Bless you as you continue to do the work of the Lord.

post Published by: Towanda McCoy - 11 Jan 2008, 3:11:15 PM
Hello Pastors

Visited your site for the first time and enjoyed it.

Listened to the message "This too shall p*****" and

was wonderfully blessed. I will visit again.

May God continue to bless you and bless you greater

each time He does.
post Published by: Tyrone Brown (Baltimore Md18) Email - 2 Jan 2008, 5:32:28 PM
You guys are awesome!!!!!!!
post Published by: Trina Sharp (baltimore17) Email - 18 Dec 2007, 11:50:49 PM
It has been along time since monday night bible study at New Psalmist. I'm happy to see that the two of you have continued to do the Lord's work God bless you both. Now that I know the website I can start watching you again. Peace be unto you and your family.

post Published by: Theresa Evans - 5 Dec 2007, 8:38:25 AM
Each time I hear you I am more inspired to continue my work. I facilitate workshops on Relationships & Old Shoes and The Company You Keep.

God Bless Peace

post Published by: Glenda Maybin (Florida15) Email - 2 Dec 2007, 9:56:32 AM
Hey Dr. David Blow... I just want to thank for you ministry. Dr. Danita Blow I am so thankful for the word you delivered at Mt. Carmel. You truly blessed my life on Saturday at the Women's Day Luncheon. That semon was truly talking to me. It is just amazing how God works things out for us. I need to hear the things you spoke about. Thank you both and God Bless. I hope to see you again.

post Published by: Tamyka Williams (Winchester, Va14) Email - 12 Nov 2007, 6:33:08 PM
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